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Chicken Tenders
with honey mustard and BBQ sauces, per 3 dozen

Italian Antipasto Meat & Cheese Platter
half tray $65 (serves 10-15ppl)
full tray $110 (serves 25ppl)

Bruschetta Sampler
served with Italian bread, client to assemble (serves 10)

Bruschetta Sampler
served with Italian bread,
client to assemble (serves 10 ) $33.00

Traditional Cheese Plate
with preserves and crackers
half tray $65 (feeds 10-15ppl)
full tray $110 (feeds 25ppl)

Raw Vegetable Platter
assorted vegetables with herb dip
half tray $55 (serves 15ppl)
full tray $100 (serves 25ppl)

Meatballs in Tomato Sauce
per dozen $18.00

Artichoke Dip
served with chips (serves 25ppl) $49.00

Sauteed Vegetables
(serves 10ppl) $36.00

Garlic Knots with Marinara
per dozen $9.50 


Priced per person, includes your choice of two
dressings on the side, add Grilled Chicken
to any salad for $2 per person

Vito’s House Salad
Romaine, spring mix, carrots, tomatoes,
onions, croutons, and Mozzarella $2.75

Bruschetta Salad
Romaine, diced Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella
and Basil, Herbs, Grilled Chicken,
with balsamic on the side $5.60

Greek Salad
Romaine, carrots, onions, tomatoes, Feta,
kalamata olives, with Greek dressing on the side $4.10

Coconut Chicken
Romaine, carrots, almonds, Mozzarella, pears, and
coconut battered chicken, Raspberry vinaigrette on
the side $5.10

Goat Cheese and Arugula
Walnuts, Goat cheese and pears
with balsamic dressing on the side $4.60

Parmesan Peppercorn
Romaine with Mozzarella, Cheddar, tomatoes,
and bacon, with Parmesan Peppercorn on the side $5.10

Fresh sliced tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella, and Basil,
drizzled with Olive Oil and herbs and Balsamic on the side $5.10 


Priced per person

Spaghetti with Tomato or Marinara $4.10
with Meat Sauce or Meatballs or Sausage $5.60

layers of meat, Mozzarella, tomato sauce, and Bechamel $6.10

Baked Rigatoni
with tomato sauce, Ricotta, and melted Mozzarella $6.10

Rigatoni alla Vodka
simmered in a pink cream sauce with a splash of vodka $6.10

Bucatini Amatriciana
with Italian bacon, pepperoncini, fresh tomatoes,
basil, and Parmesan $6.10

homemade crepes filled with meat, spinach, and fresh herbs,
baked in tomato sauce and covered with Bechamel $6.10

Pappardelle al Pesto
homemade pesto sauce topped with Parmesan $5.10

Pappardelle Alfredo
tossed with Cream, egg, and Parmesan $5.10

Sausage and Peppers
Italian Sausages simmered with Peppers and Onions
in Marinara with garlic and herbs $6.10 

Entrees Cont'd

Priced per Person
Chicken Parmesan
Breaded chicken breasts topped
with tomato and Mozzarella $7.10

Eggplant Parmesan
Slices of eggplant fried in a golden batter topped
with Tomato sauce, cheeses, and Bechamel $7.10

Veal Parmesan
Prime veal, lightly breaded, topped with eggplant,
tomato sauce, and melted cheeses $9.10

Chicken or Veal Marsala
sautéed with Marsala wine, cream,
and fresh Cremini mushrooms
Chicken $7.10
Veal $9.10

Chicken Piccata
simmered with white wine, lemon, and capers $7.10

Shrimp Scampi
Shrimp sautéed in white wine, lemon, and garlic $9.10

Chicken Cacciatore
Chicken breasts simmered with white wine,
chunks of tomatoes, mushrooms, and black olives $7.10

Sandwich Platters

Ciabatta or Wrap Platter
Served 5-7ppl
Choose any 5 ciabatta sandwiches or wraps, served
cut in half, woth house salad, 5 bags of chips for $65.00 


Gallon of Iced Tea$5.99 

2 Liters$2.50 


Homestyle Cookies
3 dozen $36.00 
Mini Cannoli
stuffed with sweet Ricotta cheese and
chocolate chunks,
topped with cherry $2.50 each 

Delivery Fee

$10 within Harrisonburg City Limits
Additional charges if outside of Harrisonburg

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