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Cornaro Pinot Grigio
Straw yellow color, flavorsome well balanced taste.
$7 Glass / $26 Bottle

Dante Chardonnay
Toasty and lightly oaked with yellow apple, tropical undertones, and a round finish with hints of butter and marshmallow.
$7 Glass / $26 Bottle

Ponga Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2013
Bright and refreshing. Ruby red grapefruit, kiwi, passion fruit, lemon, lime, and a slight herbal grassiness.
$7 Glass / $26 Bottle

Heinz Eifel Shine Riesling
A nice aroma of peach, nectarine, honey with a subtle sweetness, brightness on the palate.
$7 Glass / $26 Bottle

Sangue Di Giuda
Chilled, sweet red with strawberry and fruit flavors and lots of bubbles.
$7 Glass / $28 Bottle

Annalisa Moscato D'Asti
Lightly fizzy with notes of peaches, honey, white flowers and a lively, easy finish.
$7 Glass / $28 Bottle

Montelliana Prosecco
Fine bubbles, deep straw color, delicate noes with good acidity, fruit and balance.
$27 Bottle